Pedi QuikCalc App Recensioni

Dosing made easy

Very easy to use and accurate

Great app

I use it in clinic, urgent care and/or the ER every day.

not for Emergency/Trauma

Seriously.. no Ketamine, Propofol or other conscious sedation or Emergency drugs... I guess if you work in a clinic this might be helpful, but any type of Emergency setting its a waste of money

My favorite!!!

This is by far, my all-time favorite app. I'm a second yr FP resident and have been using it since med school. I use it nearly daily (or continually when on peds rotations). I recommend it to my fellow residents and to any med students I'm mentoring. It has wt based dosing for IV and PO, and tells me how many mLs (not just mg for PO) which is great or even how many total mLs needed to complete a PO course of abx. It will graph bilis and link to recommendations. Love the age calculator and %change weight calculator! It will graph growth curves and give BP percentile (who likes looking up BP normal ranges?!? It's painful.). It will calculate IV bolus volumes and maintenance rates (I use this for adults too since it has that option). I think it does a lot of other stuff and has useful resource links too, but this is the stuff I use most often. Just realized today when reading through reviews that it has all the Pals drugs listed in a separate section, and that you can search drugs by generic. Love it even more now. I was always frustrated by the brand names in the scroll list. Not sure why I never thought to search before.

Ups and downs

I just started using this App but have a few observations so far. Pro’s: I really like how some of the common medications are separated by indication, e.g. acyclovir (varicella) vs. Acyclovir (HSV). I like the additional app features such as mid-parent height, growth chart, and basic dosage calculator. However, I could not get the growth chart to work. I got an error message regardless of the height and weight I entered. Cons: there should be a simple way to sort between only brand name and generic meds in the list view. Not all meds are listed under both their trade and generic names e.g. Keflex yes but not cephalexin, Phenergan but not promethazine. This makes it difficult to search unless you have a very thorough mental inventory of both trade and generic names. Several of the web links did not work. Recommendation to the author: I think you have a great app in development, but I am concerned about the lack of dosage maximums built into the calculator. e.g. I was running sample calculations with decadron and the suggested dose for a 56 kg child was 33.7mg. This exceeds the published max daily dose of 20mg and the typical max dose of 10mg. I would like to see each drugs calculation stop at the max dose despite the weight entered AND have the max daily dose listed right below the suggested dose for safety. I would also suggest that there be an option to quickly select different supply concentrations, route of administration, dosage ranges, and frequency of dosing, etc. While this app has a lot of potential, I think some of the problems I described could lead to dosing errors. I will continue to test the app and re-post another review soon.

Multiple narcotic formulations and no paid reviews!

Sorry you’re having troubles, Tony S. Actually, there are 17 narcotic/opioid medications in the formulary, in multiple formulations, listed by trade and generic names, including 5 PCA medications! All medications are searchable by trade or generic names from the search bar. If you look under the All Versions tab, there are 46 reviews, and none of them are paid! You’re right, there is a huge need for pediatric dosing apps, and I’ve worked very hard to make Pedi QuikCalc the best. Many, many users agree! Check out the built-in help file; there are great tips to help you get the most out of Pedi QuikCalc. BTW, it’s hard to call a $2 app overpriced!

Overrated and overpriced: Do not buy.

very poor narcotic selection, brand names only, does not offer different combination strength for narcotic solution preparations. I suspect the positive reviews are mostly paid. This app does not dovetail very well with real world usage. I guess you should be suspicious when something with a huge need, (pediatric dose calculator) has only a few reviews

Why only brand name sorting??

Now that I have figured out how to work this app (I am a new FNP and have been trying to find what I want to use regularly) I do enjoy it quite a bit. What I DON’T like is that the meds are sorted by BRAND name. When I think of a medication to give I don’t think Zithromax…I think azithromycin. I don’t think Motrin. I think ibuprofen. I tried to find a setting to sort a different way but I couldn’t find anything. I WISH WISH WISH there was a way to sort them either way! I love that I can at least favorite the meds I use the most so I don’t have to scroll SO far to find the brand name but it is still a little obnoxious sometimes.

I retract my previous review

I retract my previous review. I deleted the app & downloaded the app again & all is well.


This is an indispensable app that I use atleast a couple of times per day. I'm a family doc and don't have time to memorize dosing for every weight and don't want to risk miscalculating. Only Wish meds were listed by name brand and generic and that it was updated more regularly

Peds in the trench

If I was only allowed to pick one app for my daily pediatric life this would be the one. Sure you can find all of this in different places, but having it all together in one is fantastic! The fact that it is an app and not a link to a website makes a speedy and that's key here.

Dr. Wes Henricksen

I work as a primary care pediatrician, and I find this to be the most useful app to assist me in my clinical practice on a daily basis. It's weight-based dosing formulary covers 95% of the medicines I use on the daily basis, and it contains an excellent list of curated links to commonly used websites and resources. A fantastic resource that has earned its place on my home screen.

Great app for inpatient and outpatient peds

I've been using this app for about a year now. It has eliminated the need to use about 5 separate apps since it has so many tools! I'm very pleased with the drug dosing and bili calculator. Also the BMI calculator and instant IV fluid calculator are quite handy. Vaccine dosing schedules are included too. This app was definitely a bargain.


Very Limited drugs are included, neither Ibuprofen nor Bactrim are found! Worthless app! Waste of money!


Especially for quick weight-based dosing!

Good app

This app contains a lot of great information and a large medication database. Very helpful for double checking my dosages!


Great app. Recommend for all .


I use this all of the time - it's wonderful foe figuring peds dosages. I strongly recommend this app!!!

Very useful

I work in family practice and find this app invaluable for pediatrics. Highly recommended.


Half the drugs I look up are not in this app. It needs a serious expansion upgrade to be useful.

Love this App!

This is a great app for calculating pediatric dosages. User friendly and cuts my time seeing patients significantly! Highly recommend!

A must have app for every pediatrician!

A must have app for every pediatrician! Nothing like it out there. My favorite features are easily calculating percent weight loss on babies, the drug calculator with tons of recommended doses built in (e.g. Amox Lyme disease dosing or zmax strep dosing), and quick access to lots of useful links like bilitool.

Great app!

Use it all the time.

Love it!

This is what I need! Saves time. Nice interface!

Great App

I work in a Peds clinic and find this app makes my script writing easy and accurate. I find it most helpful for drugs I need but only use infrequently. I like the desired dose being highlighted in blue.

Indispensable app for busy Pediatricians

I've been practicing Pediatrics for 8 years now and have never considered myself tech-savvy. It all changed with Pedi Quikcalc!!! Great format, easy to use (even for me), lots of relevant info and easy access to references. This is a no-nonsense app that is worth millions, yet is incredibly affordable (particularly for med students and residents). Had a little problem with opening the app after an unpdate; sent an email and got a response in less than 10 minutes flat!!! If you want your life as a Pediatrician made a thousand times easier with a fraction of the cost a Psychiatrist would charge for setting you straight because of the overwhelming amount of info you need to manage on a daily basis this app is for you!!!

Great App _INCREDIBLE support

I rely on this app throughout the day as a pharmacist, it has become my go-to tool for pediatric dosing. I freaked when the 1.6.1 release failed to even open after upgrading. I gave the app 1-star and notified the author. Dr. Bonney immediately wrote me back explaining what happened and promised a fix within a week. The fix is now available as 1.6.2 and all is right with the world. Thank you so much for providing this tool and your incredible dedication to it support.

Will not open after update!

Great app when it worked. I hope someone is working on this issue.

Latest update crashes

Use app daily latest update crashes. What happened??


LOVE THIS APP! I do not see kids often but because family practice office I do see occasionally and depend on this app each time. Saves me so much time!!!

Not complete

Missing drug information for neonatal resuscitation (i.e. Dopamine).

Excellent Pediatric app!!!

This is an excellent Pediatric application! I have been using Epocrates, but this is even better. It is nice to be able to enter the patient's weight and find out the suggested volume of liquid medications recommended. Very user friendly!

Great dosing resource!

Used this app on my peds rotation and it made a world of a difference! I will continue to use it as a resource!

great app

good work

A handy tool

Very handy. It's become part of my daily routine.


This app does everything a busy Pediatrician could ask for! Quick calculations for dosing and IV fluids in one convenient spot.

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